RICS Homebuyer/ Homesurvey Report
(Level 2)

The Homesurvey Report is on a pre-prepared format.

These are intermediate surveys which provide concise reports on the state of repair and the condition of the property you are purchasing.

The Level 2 Homesurvey is suitable for smaller or modern dwellings or a flat in a converted house or purpose-built development.

Roy McClure Associates will look specifically at the flat and generally the block, necessary to ascertain any potential future liabilities.

In choosing this type of survey there are certain constraints relating to the age and size of the property.

In some circumstances this option can be much more cost effective and advantageous than a Building Survey.

The Report is presented in a format approved by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Mortgage lenders conduct ‘desktop’ valuations, neither inspecting the property nor providing the client a Report. The Roy McClure Associates Homesurvey Report includes both a Market Value commentary and a reinstatement figure for Fire Insurance purposes.

Survey restrictions will be specified in our Conditions of Engagement prior to inspection and reiterated in the completed Report.

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