Roy McClure Associates will examine:

Externally (where accessible)

  • Roof and covering
  • Chimney stacks (pots, flashings)
  • Parapets (brick, flashings)
  • Rainwater goods
  • External walls (subsidence, settlement, landslip, differential movement)
  • Windows (type and glazing)
  • Decorations
  • Damp Proof Course
  • Sub-floor ventilation

The geographical nature of the subsoil is considered as is the topography of the site, surrounding trees and their proximity to drains, boundaries and buildings.

Internally (where accessible)

  • Roof space (framework, tanks)
  • Insulation (loft, tanks, glazing)
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Internal joinery
  • Kitchen, utility and sanitary fittings

Walls are tested for dampness using a Protimeter Moisture Meter.
Condensation (mould and vents).
Surfaces are examined for woodworm infestation and dry rot.

Any suspect deleterious materials such as asbestos, will be reported.

Services (where accessible)

The electrical wiring, plumbing, sump pump, water softener, heating, air conditioning, solar panel systems or drains, whilst not physically tested, are visually examined. This will determine any obvious faults.

Extensions and Structural Alterations

Extensions and alterations will be documented with any obvious Environmental concerns, such as flooding risks. This allows your Solicitor to make necessary checks and enquiries.

Boundaries, Grounds and Outbuildings (where accessible)

  • Boundaries (encroachment)
  • Garden areas (animals, plants)
  • Outbuildings
  • Swimming pool (surface inspection)

Whilst not a complete list, this highlights the extent and detail of the inspections undertaken by Roy McClure Associates. Forty years of experience, seventy thousand inspections – each carried out like our own personal purchase.

Specimen Reports

The Roy McClure Associates Report is personal and tailored to client needs.

  • No two properties are the same
  • No two Reports are the same
  • Clients have concern/proposals

A bespoke Report meets requirements.

Google Reviews highlight the excellent rapport with our clients.